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Sanitary units
We provide the highest quality washroom products and flexible and specially tailored service to companies large and small across the Northamptonshire Area. We are constantly working to ensure that our products and service are the best. Please take a look around our site to see what we have to offer.
We provide a discreet, hygienic and convenient options to enable any workspace to dispose of their sanitary waste. Our units are slim-line and can be placed easily on either side of your toilet
The sani units are removed and replaced with a brand new unit every 6/8 weeks
Every unit has a specially treated scented card, to minimise any unpleasant odours.

Airfreshner units
We want to help you make the air in your work environment as fresh as possible, and provide a range of fragrances, from specifically feminine & masculine to a milder child friendly scent. The air freshener units are serviced according to factors such as the size of your environment and your personal time settings. We provide all refills and recycle any used components, such as used batteries for you. So all you have to worry about is how great your workspace smells.